What length of chain is best?

It’s a common question and one we get asked a lot here at Sikara since we sell plenty of pendants. Like this one!


The short answer is 18”. It’s a solid, universal length that hits most people just below the collarbone.

A more complicated answer is it depends on where you want the pendant (or chain) to rest and what you want to wear it with.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Here’s an image of common necklace lengths.  Sikara sells 14”-30” chains in two inch increments.

From AmandaDeer.com

From AmandaDeer.com

Like we said before, 18” is a solid choice. 16”, and more so 14”, approach the choker and collar length for women. 20” is a good choice if you wear a lot of V-necks. For 28”- 30” chains are good for hanging pendants to complete the boho look. 30” is also the length of our longer necklaces when you can layer, such as this 17 Stone Capri Necklace.

NITCDW-4100-LAB Faceted 17 Stone Capri Long Necklace HI RES


We mentioned necklines before, so if that’s a concern, what should you go for?

Good question.

Long pieces are best for turtlenecks and boat necks. Shorter options, 14” and 16”, work well with crew cuts and collared shirts. Your good ole 18” works well with square neckline and V-neck shirts, including halters. 20″ will work too.

And what about layers, you ask?

To quote Amanda Deer, whose’s line we’re now carrying, “If you want to layer two delicate necklaces, two inches between each one allows each necklace to hang and leaves space for dangling charms.”


From AmandaDeer.com

From AmandaDeer.com

Keep in mind, some of Sikara’s pendants are longer than 2″, so keep that in mind with layering!

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments. We’ll answer them!