Wednesday Shakeup: The Paint Bar


It’s easy to fall into a dull routine with any area of your life, whether you and your partner have stopped going on fun and romantic dates, the kids are stuck in front of the TV during their free time, or you and your girlfriends are always doing the same thing during your weekly catch-up sessions.

Well Sikara Boston’s neighbor The Paint Bar is here to save the day! The Paint Bar, located at 248 Newbury Street and 823 Washington Street in Newtonville, MA is the best way to try a new, artistic activity with your friends or family!

The Paint Bar offers group painting sessions, complete with beer and wine for those over 21, in a fun and relaxed setting. The paintings are created step-by-step, and lead by a knowledgeable instructor while you mingle and chat with the other painters! Whether you’re the next Picasso, or just love artistic projects, you’ll have a ball at The Paint Bar!

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