Wednesday Shake-up: Baby it’s cold outside!

Bonne Année from Blustery Boston! Currently, we’re checking in at a “feels like” temperature of 19*. With this kind of weather, we had to throw in some Wednesday Shake-Up secrets. Hard to stay motivated (and de-thawed) in this these temps! Here are some secrets to staying warm, wrapped and well in this winter weather.

Baby it's cold outside

Watching: Scandal– didn’t take me long to get through the entire first season. I won’t say how long as I don’t want to embarrass myself.

Reading: The Red Tent – got a signed copy from Anita Diamant at a Room to Read event I attended for Sikara back in October. Love this book- all about woman and our strength.

Trudging in: Dolce Vita shoes– I call these my “dressed up desert boots.” Because with all of this snow, sometimes you need to get out of flat boots and into a cute and comfy heel.

Wearing: Cozy faux-fur ear muffs. Don’t know the brand but love the warmth they provide!

Accessorizing: Cobra Cuff and Brazilian Rough Cut Ring– Two of my favorite Sikara pieces. I feel like I can fight winter (and crime, and cold, and criminals and anything else that stands in Wonder Woman’s way) with these people.

Eating: Anything from Seriously, if you’re looking for a delicious way to stick to whatever food resolution you’ve implemented in 2013, try this website. It won’t be hard to keep it going!