Trendspotting Thursday: Leather & Lace

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.07.18 PM

This summer, combine the edgy rocker-chick attitude of leather accessories and attire with the lady-like charm of elegant lace items! This unusual combination is totally unexpected, and will show off the versatility of both your style and personality!

Choose more “fierce” pieces like the Mexican Leather Twist Ring with dainty & detailed pieces like the Arabesque Filigree Simple Drop Earrings. Finish off your look with a bold leather statement piece like the ‘school girl’ skirt pictured above & a simple lace top!

Take this look to the next level by adding in the Large Brushed Circle “O” Necklace and Arabesque Cuff—the striking balance achieved by this mix of materials and styles gives you the best of both worlds!