Trendspotting: Power Prints & Floral Frocks

Floral Frocks

As we said yesterday, Hindu cultures around the world are celebrating Holi, the festival of Spring. Perfectly in line with this centuries old fête is the celebration of color, florals and prints that are popping up all over runways, sidewalks and magazines. While this trend packs a serious patterned punch, it’s not always easy to navigate if you’re unfamiliar with pairing prints. We’ve got some tips for making this bold statement style work for you.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate the trend in a way that suits your style, budget and favorite Sikara designs:

Power Prints

1- Bring the bling, but subdue the hue. Choose jewelry with clean lines and different proportions. If pairing patterns with colored stones, be sure to stay within the same color family.

2- When in doubt, take pattern out. If you’re unsure whether the proportion of two patterns pair together, just stick to one bold piece. Let the rest of the look stay plain and without fuss. Choose a white jean or simple black top to compliment an already popping pattern.And if a full pant, top or dress of pattern seems like too much, try the trend in a purse, scarf or shoe!

3-  Silver matches… well, everything! The best part about great accessories is that they can outlive any trend. Sikara & Co.’s timeless designs, and bold use of Sterling Silver, fare well throughout the rotating runway must-haves.