SXSW Day Two: Journey to Brazil through Film

The Village, Brazil

SXSW day two has arrived! We hope that you have been exploring Austin and enjoying all the fascinating events that are taking place around town. Sikara will continue to keep you updated on what is going on during SXSW.

Today, we highly recommend that you check out a Brazilian film entitled The Village. The film gives a glimpse of a small town called Itapúa whose community once had a population of 1,454 people. But over its 70 years of life, the town has dwindled down to only 35 residents and all are over the age of 60. The film centers on the daily life of these remaining inhabitants in a city that is about to vanish. Throughout the film, there are breathtaking visuals of the natural beauty of Brazil. The little town is surrounded by mountains with forests that have been untouched – it is a little piece of heaven on Earth. However, the film gets darker and explores if the town is a true paradise lost or if there is something else below the surface. See the film and enjoy Sikara’s enchanting Brazilian pieces.