SXSW Day Three: Dharma Talk with Neal Pollack

Dharma SXSW

Are you ready to have your mind, body and soul transformed, to find transcendence, enlightenment, and inner peace? Well, good for you says Neal Pollack, CEO, Neal Pollack Invasion, but he’s not sure his lecture, entitled Dharma Talk,  will deliver on the above. Self-proclaimed, “semi-famous” author Neal Pollack, one of contemporary yoga’s most irreverent voices, presents selections from his books and other writings and will answer questions to pad out the time. A graduate of Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga Yoga teacher’s intensive in Boulder, CO, Pollack teaches yoga “reluctantly, only appearing when called to do so, like Batman.”

You might also be interested in other SXSW wellness offerings on the schedule: Gentle Vinyasa, Meditation Classes, or Group Yoga Practice at the Austin Convention Center. Whether you find enlightenment in this lecture or just a couple of belly aches, Sikara always encourages finding your inner yogi.