SXSW Day Six: Let the Music Play

Music is in full swing at SXSW starting today! Sikara has some wonderful bands from around the world lined up for you to check out and enjoy.

The first musician, REMATE, is a multi-instrumentalist Spanish musician trained in classical music since he was eight. REMATE has released eight albums over his career and has gotten a lot of attention from the Spanish musical press and mass media. He has played at many Spanish venues and some of the best Spanish music festivals. REMATE is also well known in Europe and the United States where NPR, Uncut, The Sunday Times and other media outlets have highlighted his music. He also has played outside of Spain in London, New York, and Amsterdam. He is planning on releasing a new album in 2013. He also has plans to debut a new band known as Escarlata in the near future!

Remate SXSW


The next musician, Massive Scar Era, is a post hardcore band from Egypt. The band was formed with a guitarist, a singer and a drummer who eventually found a classically-trained violinist to join. Their music is influenced by both metal as well as classical music. The sound of their heavy hardcore riffs versus the melodic violin lines gives the band a dramatic original sound. The band has continued to explore this unique mix of influences and has performed at various local gigs as well as some Egyptian music festivals. Not only this, but the band made their first international performance at a Swedish metal music festival. The band is scheduled to make a tour in both Europe and the United States in the near future.

Massive Scar Era