SXSW Day Seven: Dance Out to India and Rock out to Italy

Music has now taken over the SXSW festival and at Sikara we love to explore new, culturally diverse and international performers. We’ve found two distinctly different entertainers that are worth discovering. Hashback SXSW

Hashback Hashish is the stage name of Ashish Sachan, an incredibly creative and persistently innovative DJ/ Producer based in Delhi. Sachan began by experimenting with the fascinating music scene in Perth where his distinct sound while at Rise was quickly recognized by music aficionados.  Upon his arrival home in India, his unarguably superior taste in music cross-pollinated with his creative streak thus producing the lovechild Hashback Hashish. Apart from performing regular DJ sets across India, he recently independently released his debut album ‘The Grinning, Naked Bunch’ to rave reviews.

Brothers in Law SXSW

Brothers in Law is a three piece Italian band born out of a real brother-in-law relationship. Nicola and Giacomo are at the guitars while Andrea plays the (standing) drums. The group has been playing their indie dream rock together since 2010. Brothers in Law will release their first full length album,  “Hard Times For Dreamers,” at the end of January 2013.