SXSW Day Nine: Brazilian Beat & Blues “Tri-Legal!”

Tipo Uisque Brazil SXSW

The last day of music at SXSW has arrived! Sikara has had a great time finding international bands for you all to check out and we hope that our search has enhanced your own personal music library.

Going out with a bang, we would like to highlight a Brazilian band by the name of Tipo Uísque. This band is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has recently signed with one of the biggest Brazilian music labels, Som Livre. This band has had successful on multiple levels from playing the New York City Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to performing at the very first Brazilian Lollapalooza music festival.  Their music is a mix between classic rock, blues, and electro rock and their latest EP is the 2012 “Home.” Each member of the band is unique and carries different influences that blend together to complement one another. The band also incorporates unique elements from Brazilian traditional music to enhance their sound. Check them out and be immersed in Brazilian culture today!