SXSW Day Four: Foreign Films & Free Makeovers

Today’s Sikara SXSW film pick, Zayiat,  involves the mystery of the orient and a boy looking for his father. A man falls into the Bosphorus on a snowy night. His son, Mete is dragged into a half-hearted pursuit through claustrophobic Istanbul. Faced with the depression of his mother, he discovers some not-so-conventional means to summon an absent father. The search takes Mete through sleepless nights in Istanbul as a smothering chronic cough slowly overwhelms him. In his debut film, Deniz Tortum walks confidently between various modes of cinematic styles. By blending dramatic seriousness with a campy feeling as well as creating abstract passages with uncanny digressions, the film ultimately manages to capture different cinematic moments tactfully.

Armchair Travel to Turkey with Sikara and Zayiat.

Armchair Travel to Turkey with Sikara and Zayiat.


We also recommend you take advantage of a free beauty session with Neiman Marcus because who doesn’t want a makeover !

Cusp by Neiman Marcus Beauty Bar

12 – 4 PM at Wanderlust at 206 East 4th Street.

Join Neiman Marcus for complimentary makeovers by Dior featuring Celebrity Artist Illiana Velasco, blow outs by B the Product’s Brandon Martinez, polish changes at our Nail Art Station and charging/WiFi.