Sikara Scoop: Art Deco Designs

When Sikara’s founder, Mousumi, traveled through Mexico, she fell in love with the countless Art Deco designs the country had to offer. In the 1920’s Art Deco designs sprouted internationally, and Mexico took them to the next level. The idea of Art Deco embraces technology and moving forward, which can been seen in the design’s geometric nature. The designs are partly based off of Aztec motifs, so the architecture is right at home in Mexico City.


Brushed Open Square Earrings with Black Rutile Quartz, Aqua Chalcedony, and Amethyst

Art Deco designs can be characterized by dense, rich colors and bold shapes. Our Art Deco collection features just that. With stones that make a statement, and silver straight from the source, these pieces are just asking for a beachy night out!

 -10Above: Push Button Clasp Cuff, Below: Brushed Open Circle and Rectangle Bracelets with Black Onyx