Rio Cocktail Nails

Meet the Rio Cocktail Ring from the Brazil Collection.

RBRRGA-5003-WO Rio Cocktail Ring (WO) A LG

This ring is inspired by Mousumi’s trip to Brazil. Sikara’s Brazilian Collection has two sub-collections: Amazon and Rio. The Amazon Collection is inspired by the Rainforest and highlights the natural beauty of Brazil. This collection includes stunning earrings inspired by seed pods and even a statement necklace reminiscent of twigs. While the Amazon Collection shows the organic side of Brazil, the Rio Collection is city-inspired. This collection includes bold chandelier earrings inspired by Carnival and the Rio Cocktail ring, which is inspired by the beach walkway in Rio de Janeiro. This walkway runs along the beach, connecting Copacabana to Ipanema to Leblong.

Brazil 030

Then this ring inspired the Rio Cocktail Nails.

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Images: Rio Cocktail Ring