Real Women, Real Style: Julie and Claire Simmons


While this mother-daughter duo are no longer able to share closets, they still share style tips across state lines. And you may not believe it given the nature of their interviews, but they answered these questions independently of one another! Obviously sharing more than just great style, Julie, a Registered Nurse in an Orthopedic Trauma Unit in Charlotte, has even taken  to accessorizing her scrubs with Sikara Swirlies, of course! While Sikara Boston Manager Claire is lucky enough to spend her days surrounded by Sikara bling, she feels an instant connection to certain pieces in the line. From sending bargain buys in care packages, to infusing any look with their personal style, Julie and Claire both combine classic looks with up-and-coming trends. That’s a modern-fusion outlook on style!

A day in my life includes: A Starbucks Venti Americano, ortho trauma patient care, paperworkpaperworkpaperwork, yoga or hiking with my dog, dinner, bubble bath, book or knitting, bed.
Every mother should remember…: 
My last meal on would earth include: home grown tomatoes, arugula, seared tuna, club soda with limes, chili cheese Frito’s and gummi bears.
I am definitely  high energy , mostly conservative  and always  ready for a hike.
I couldn’t survive without: my hiking boots, lip balm, books to read.
The three words that describe my style are…: no frills, casual, classic.
Biggest Celeb Crush (male, female or both): Charles Krauthammer, Jennifer Lawrence
Upon first encounter you wouldn’t know I…: am training to hike Mt. Kilimonjaro in January.
The perfect night out includes: dining al fresco, wine, really great friends. (Notice the lack of debauchery?) Then a bubble bath and jammies.
A day in my life includes: a walk, a coffee (or two), good food, a wholelotta jewelry, and yoga.
Every daughter should remember…:  when to ask mom for help, when to reach out to help mom, and to always remember that patience is a virtue– for both mother and daughter.
My last meal on would earth include: cheese, red wine, more cheese and fresh, spicy arugula and gummi bears.
I am definitely  a people person , mostly  patient  and always  happy to travel!
I couldn’t survive without: spandex, my cell-phone and dogs
The three words that describe my style are…: Boho, neutral and slightly French
Biggest Celeb Crush (male, female or both): Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling (obvious, but oh-so justified.).
Upon first encounter you wouldn’t know I…: Speak French… actually you probably would know because I’m always chasing down the nearest Frenchie.
The perfect night out includes: al fresco dining, wine, really great friends and at least a little debauchery.  
 Claire Sikara

S&Co.: What do you love most about the relationship you two have with each other?

Julie: I love living vicariously through The Adventures of Claire. She makes life so very interesting.

Claire: I love having a mother who will, without a doubt, give me her opinion- regardless of whether it’s inline with mine. She’s an independent person who is fiercely loyal to her family. She’s helping me learn to balance being strong with being supple. What more could you want from a friendship or a mother-daughter relationship?


Chicago 2007

S&Co.: Julie, you work as an Orthopedic Trauma Nurse at Carolina’s Medical Center. Claire, you currently Manage Sikara’s Flagship Store on Newbury Street. What do you love most about your jobs?

 Julie: The privilege of providing care for “broken” (literally) patients, and marveling at the resilience of the human spirit.

Claire: The people! I was built for a job where business is based on human interaction and relationships. I have loved watching this store grow into a neighborhood favorite. The staff, the regulars, and the tourists remind me daily of the potential of great people.

S&Co.: How did you both end up in your respective fields and what is it that keeps you passionate about your work?

 Julie: My dad was a physician. In his day, women became nurses, not doctors. Perhaps I was born a generation too early. Nevertheless, I owe my love of medicine to him.

Claire: I found Sikara just like so many other people: window-shopping. I was looking for a change from the education/non-profit sector and was instantly drawn to the concept of blending travel, culture and jewelry. Being able to integrate your passion, whatever that may be, into your work is what makes a job a career. Our Boston customers are amazing too. It’s great that part of my daily routine includes catching up with jewelry-friends who drop by to see what’s new.


The Twisted Sisters at son/brother Drew’s October 2011 wedding

S&Co.: What have you learned most from each other?

 Julie: To embrace as much of what life has to offer as we can. To give it a try, no matter the outcome. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And that’s okay.

Claire: That I don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. She’s taught me the importance of really great friends. She has an amazing group of strong women who lift each other up and support each other through the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. They call themselves the “Twisted Sisters.” Always stressing them importance of strong relationships, my mother has shown me the different forms that love can take- she and my father are still a team, she has a host of woman always ready to swoop in and save the day, and two children who admire her strength and courage. I’d say that’s a pretty big win.



Julie at the Orangerie with Monet’s Waterlillies 2009

S&Co.: What’s your favorite mother-daughter memory?

 Julie: Yikes…only one?   Monet’s Waterlilies at L’Orangerie and champagne by the Seine. Our Paris trip in 2009.

Claire: While living in France, mom came over to visit. We spent several days in Paris. One Spring evening, we holed up at Chez Berthillion for champagne and the sunset on Ile Saint Louis. There was something magical about the light, the place, and the company. And of course, the champagne wasn’t half bad.

Champagne in Paris

Champagne in Paris 2009


S&Co.: What inspires you?

Julie: A well organized storage area. And I’m being totally truthful here.

Claire: Traveling. And really good food.

French Countryside picnic 2009

French Countryside picnic 2009

S&Co.: How do you keep your relationship so strong despite the distance between you ?

 Julie: We’ve managed to finely tune the art of keeping in touch, starting when Claire lived abroad in high school. We have silly traditions and code language that are uniquely ours. Good morning wake up texts or calls, handwritten notes, “this reminded me of you” emails. As life gets busier, we are learning how to be respectful of and grateful for our time together, to embrace the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, joys and heartaches. And sometimes, to agree to disagree.

Claire: Text messaging is pretty awesome. We have learned to love each other because of our difference and not despite them. For me, the distance has never been a challenge as it’s taught us to communicate more honestly and respectfully. Plus, it’s pretty great when mom comes to visit. She’s always ready for an adventure. 



S&Co.: What are you passionate about?

Julie: The Great Outdoors.

Claire: I’m really passionate about yoga. It’s been my greatest hobby and passion for the past several years. I have made great friends through the community that yoga provides. I’ve also learned to love myself a lot more through the practice

 S&Co.: If you could only grab one thing from your home, what would it be?

Julie: If a dog is a thing, then it would be our dog, Buckley. Otherwise, a stack of letters I’ve kept from loved ones.

Claire: I would definitely grab my roommate, Erin. But assuming she could get herself out of our home? I’d probably reach for photos and my computer.


S&Co.: What is your favorite Sikara piece?

Julie: My Milano Long Drop Earrings in Green Amethyst. The first Sikara piece I ever owned. They’re always my “go to” earrings.

Claire: My swirlies– all of them (yes, I have several pair)! I also have a strong connection to my Brazilian Rough Cut Tiger’s Eye Ring, which I fondly call my “power ring.” I’m rarely seen without both.





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