Real Women, Real Style: Dana Bornstein

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This Sikara gal is a Southern beauty with serious style. Born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Dana Bornstein grew up active & athletic.  At 21,  she moved to Sarasota, FL, following her bliss for massage therapy school and later Tampa where she became a certified yoga instructor.  It was in 2008 that Dana’s life changed forever, meeting the love her life, whose name is also Dana! They became engaged a year later following a phenomenal surprise proposal. The couple moved to Boston where Dana now works for the Mandarin Hotel and Spa as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. Looking for Bridal jewelry and Bridesmaids gifts in the spring of 2012, Dana found Sikara Boston and outfitted herself and her friends for her May nuptials. With a baby on the way this summer, this Sikara bride shares some insight into love, life and planning the perfect wedding.
Dana Borstein

Dana and Dana sporting our Large Brushed Swirly earrings

A day in my life includes:  AM beach run where I live, hike the point, enjoy a magnificent view. Yoga, meditation, dog walk.  Work at the most beautiful spa in Boston J Home for dinner & time with my man, restorative stretching, then bed!
Every bride should have:  A bride binder- I had a really pretty accordion file book/purse that kept me organized with ideas, receipts, and mementos.
My last meal on earth would include: Crab! Crab claws (marinated & fried), king crab legs, or lump crabmeat cocktail- it’s all my fave!  And a shrimp po-boy!
I am definitely    grateful    , mostly   southern   and always evolving.
I couldn’t survive without:  Chapstick or lip balm
The three words that describe my style are: diverse, comfortable, artsy  
Biggest Celeb Crush (male, female or both): Male- Justin Timberlake- talented, charitable, & funny!  Female- Kate Beckinsale- natural, stylish, & stunning!
Upon first encounter you wouldn’t know I… love food!  Creating dishes, cooking for others, and eating it too!
The perfect night out includes:  My husband & I on a motorcycle ride in Florida, then with our closest friends outside on the water, enjoying warm weather, food, and drink.     
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S&CO: Last year you planned a wedding in your home state of Mississippi while living and working in Boston. How did you juggle it all? 

DB: I originally had my heart set on the venue being this huge, old plantation home on the Coast where I grew up.  Come to find out that absolutely nothing else was included, not even furniture.  I had so many detailed ideas and great intentions, but realized planning it while living in Boston would be more stressful than fun.  So, I let all that go.  We found another historic home overlooking the Coast and Harbor, even more gorgeous than I imagined.  It was more modest in size which was ideal for the intimate wedding we wanted and they would take care of literally everything for me!  I went home, met the owners, and hit it off with them (we actually still keep in touch.)  At that time we discussed everything from menu to décor to music, and the fact that my style was not super traditional; then I came back to Boston. They did all that I wanted and with some help from friends and family we had the most elegant, delicious, fun, laid-back, meaningful, & beautifully simple wedding day!      

S&CO: You currently work at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston as a yoga instructor and massage therapist. What do you love most about your job

DB:I absolutely love what I do.  Since I was very young I knew I wanted to help others and that it would involve the body.  The best thing about working at the Mandarin is providing treatments and experiences for people that are completely stress free and luxurious.  The standard of service we give to everyone is beyond compare and ultimately why we’re the only 5 star spa in Massachusetts.   

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S&CO: What did you love most about your wedding?

DB:I loved everything about our wedding but most of all the private moment I shared with my husband after we were announced as husband and wife.  It was unbelievably special and I’ll never forget it.

2012 Dana Wedding 148

Dana and her sister, both in Sikara

S&CO: Is there anything about your wedding you would do differently, in hindsight, that may be helpful advise for all the 2013/2014 brides currently planning?

DB: I would do nothing differently.  Everything unfolded just as it was meant to and it was perfect!  However, my one piece of advice is to remember what the day is truly about and go with the flow, no matter what.  If it’s easy for you to get caught up or overwhelmed- designate a friend or bridesmaid to stop you every half hour or so and remind you to breathe and take in the present moment.  It goes by in the blink of an eye.

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Bridesmaids in their pearl swirly earrings

S&CO: What inspires you?

DB: Art, music, my spirituality, & most of all- my clients/students with serious disabilities who have tremendous positive outlooks, try harder at everything, and complain about nothing.

S&CO: You’re currently moving into the next chapter of your married life- you’re expecting a baby! As a perfect planner, do you have any tricks up your sleeve that are making this transition smoother as well?

DB: Honestly, my husband is the perfect planner and absolutely amazing.  I’m so blessed and give him most of the credit for making this transition smoother.  Along with that, my yoga practice helps me profoundly.


S&CO: What are you passionate about?

DB: Fitness & nutrition, family, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, life!


S&CO: If you could only grab one thing from your home, what would it be?

DB: Our Shitzu, Lila


S&CO: What is your favorite Sikara piece?

DB: My brushed silver swirly earrings