Real Women, Real Style: Annemarie Teevan

You could say that Annemarie Teevan has really “taken off.” For the past 16 years, this Irish beauty has traveled the world working as a First Officer, and then, Captain within the profession of aviation. Currently flying B737-EFIS for Aer Lingus, Annemarie knows a thing or two about trans-Atlantic travel. This fascinating Sikara & Co. fan always finds time to stop in when she’s away from her home in Dublin. An avid yogi, Reike practitioner and health food enthusiast, she’s also the most stylish pilot we’ve ever met! Read more about Annemarie here!

Annemarie and Colin

Annemaire with husband, Colin, also a pilot for Aer Lingus

A day in my life includes: Yoga or meditation, some delicious healthy food , a walk in the Forest or Mountains. And I’m always either packing or unpacking a bag!

Every traveler should have…: A large, light silk or cashmere scarf- great on flights or to throw around you when you are out if it suddenly gets cold.

I am definitely thinking ahead, mostly well organized and always _looking for a laugh.

I couldn’t survive without: My husband Colin, my iPad and coffee!

The three words that describe my style are…: Quirky, comfortable, hint of bling!

Biggest Celeb Crush: Barack Obama

Upon first encounter you wouldn’t know I…:  Am slightly shy— I hide it well.

The perfect night out includes: Eating outside, old friends, laughter, champagne… dancing!


with friends in her village

with friends in her village

S&CO.: You fly planes internationally for Aer Lingus. Tell us how you came into the profession.

I finished my Aeronautical Engineering degree and was very lucky to get a job with the Irish National Airline (Aer Lingus) as a cadet Pilot in 1988. We went to Vero Beach in Florida for almost a year of training, which was great . My classmates from that course are still like my Flying Family. Our Airline is fairly small so we all know each other pretty well, which is nice. I’ve been very lucky in my career to have flown many different aircraft types from Boeing to Airbus .I have flown mostly all over Europe and also the Far East and the USA. I started as a First Officer and I’ve been a Captain with Aer Lingus for 16 years now. The last 3 years I have been really enjoying flying the Airbus 330 on the trans-Atlantic routes.

S&CO.: You started in the industry in the 1980s flying smaller planes as well as cargo planes before becoming a Captain for commercial flights. With such a broad range of experience, tell us about the changes you’ve experienced from the cockpit in the industry.

The Aircrafts are much more technologically advanced and the days and duties are much longer now.

In Vietnam

S&CO.: By virtue of your job, you’ve traveled the world. You’ve also lived in Bali, the United States and your native Ireland. Where is your favorite place to travel?

AT: Boston is my favorite destination and I always pop in to Sikara when I’m here. My very good friend Catherine is a television executive in London and she is very artistic, with great taste . So I knew I was going to find a beautiful gift for her in Sikara on her 50th birthday and I did. It was an amazing borderless aqua chalcedony ring, which she loves.

S&CO.: What is the most remarkable thing you’ve seen in your job?

AT: I‘ve seen the Northern Lights many times, but one night last summer, we were very far north and we were completely surrounded by these swirling green mists of light for over 2 hours. It was spectacular and humbling to watch.

S&CO.: What do you do in your free time—that is if you have any free time?

AT: I am a Reiki / Angel Healing Practitioner. I do Yoga and I love cooking, drinking coffee and chatting in my local coffee shop.

Annemarie and her mother in Chicago

Annemarie and her mother in Chicago

S&CO.: What are you passionate about?

AT: Energy Healing, Nutrition. Anything I’m focused on.

S&CO.: If you could only grab one thing from your home, what would it be?

AT: My wedding ring.

S&CO.: What inspires you?

AT: People who do whatever they are doing really well, no matter what that is, because that takes care and mindfulness and patience and love.

S&CO.: What is your favorite Sikara piece?

AT: My swirly earrings!