Real Women, Real Style: Ame Wren

Ame Wren

From Italy to Costa Rica, Tucson to Syracuse, Ame Wren has seen the world while doing what she loves- yoga, travel and tasting the best of vegetarian cuisine. And while her yoga resume includes a yummy vinyasa sequence in Yoga Journal, arm balances,  and splits, Ame is also pursuing her PhD in the midst of defining her niche in the Boston yoga scene. Best of all, you’ll often find Ame teaching in her Sikara Swirlies regardless of which continent she’s visiting- that’s our kinda gal! Ame tells us of her plans for 2013 and beyond.
A day in my life includes: Coffee, kale, dogs, yoga and red wine.
Every yogi should have…: A home practice every once and awhile.
My last meal on would earth include: Mexican food and dark chocolate.
I am definitely a liberal, mostly a hippie and always a vegetarian.
I couldn’t survive without: animals in my life.
The three words that describe my style are…: easy, earthy and calm.
Biggest Celeb Crush (male, female or both): Joseph Gordon Levitt and Cameron Diaz.
Upon first encounter you wouldn’t know I…: dream of being a college professor.
The perfect night out includes: a great yoga class and outdoor dining

S&Co.:You’re an avid traveler, foodie and yogi, right? So tell us how you’ve managed to combine all three into a fantastic career at the young age of 30.

AW: I say “yes” as often as I can. None of this was part of my plan, but here I am. I work to let things unfold and at least consider every opportunity that comes my way. Of course you can’t always say yes, but you can try not to interfere or over-analyze too much. So far so good.

S&Co.: You currently lead yoga retreats domestically and internationally. You’ll soon be packing for Costa Rica, followed by Mexico and then Italy. Where can we expect to see you in 2014? (We’ve gotta start saving our pennies for yoga retreats!)

AW: I am hoping to get to Greece at some point—possibly 2014, and I will definitely go back to Mexico (I’m a beach bum at heart). I recently fell in love with Arizona so maybe something there too! Retreats are the biggest perk of my “job,” and as long as people keep signing up I will keep leading them.


S&Co.: Where is your favorite place to travel?

AW: It’s a toss-up between Turkey and Thailand.

S&Co.: People tend to ramp up their exercise plans and cut out the junk at the drop of The Ball. What tips do you have for those out there looking to make a difference in their lifestyle beyond the first weeks of the New Year?

AW: Think addition not subtraction. Add more greens to your diet. Add more yoga. A run here and there, more walking, etc—then it doesn’t feel like deprivation. I’m also a fan of setting intentions first, goals second. What do you hope to BE, not achieve, then make plans that steer you in that direction.

S&Co.: What do you do in your free time—that is if you have any free time!

AW: Free time? What’s that? Just kidding. I’m not very skilled at downtime, but if I have an evening off I am most likely to make soup and catch up on Parenthood.

S&Co.: What are you passionate about?

AW: Living a life I’m proud of. And New York City.

S&Co.: You’ve traveled the world for school, for work and for fun. You’ve been in Boston though for over a decade. What is it about this city that made you settle in?

AW: It’s close to my family, the subway system works well (mostly) and the ocean is less than an hour away.

S&Co.: If you could only grab one thing from your home, what would it be?

AW: My dogs! That’s 3 things, but I wouldn’t be able to choose.

dogsAme and dog

S&Co.: What inspires you?

AW: My father, academia, mountains and my students.

S&Co.: Why did you decide to teach yoga?

AW: I never really decided. I just did it. And it went well so I kept doing it.

S&Co.: What is your favorite Sikara piece?

AW: My Large Brushed Swirly earrings and the Hindi Disc Pendant with Sanskrit engraved on it.

Swirlies and the Hindi Disc Pendant!

Swirlies and the Hindi Disc Pendant!