New Line at Sikara Austin – Leslie Francesca

new druze

While Sikara celebrates global design through our different international country collections, this year we’ve decided to add the United States collection to the celebration! Yes, that’s right, starting this fall we’ll start introducing a new “Locally Grown” exhibition in our stores that feature amazing designers from Austin, Boston and San Francisco.

The first artist we’ll be showcasing as part of this, is Leslie Francesca. These dreamy druzies are set in studs, cuffs, and arrowhead pendants. The line also features stalactite, agate, and raw black tourmaline stones. These gorgeous gems are believed to carry spiritual, as well as healing properties.

Druzy–  stabilizing to the aura, calms and soothes a tense mind, helps with meditation.

Agate– brings inner strength, helps regain balance, improves concentration.

Stalactite– hidden inner growth, secret expansion of higher self, protection.

Raw Tourmaline– good luck, happiness.

Click HERE to learn more about Leslie Francesca and try on these dreamy druzies at our Austin, TX boutique.

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