Mass Monday: “Me” Time!

Getting some quality “me” time is totally necessary! Sometimes watching Downton Abbey by yourself just doesn’t cut it and taking a trip to the Caribbean is not an option.  If you are looking for some fun things to do where you can go out, meet new people, and have a great time, check out this article from If those don’t impress you, you can always stop by Sikara & Co. at 250 Newbury Street and treat yourself to a little something!


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From left: 17 Stone Capri Necklace, Small Gaudi Flower Studs, Bilbao Pyramid Studs, Capirinia Cuff , Small Gaudi Flower Ring, Gaudi Square Pointlism Cocktail Ring, Classic Swirly Earrings18k Vermeil Milano Mesh Earrings, Peacock Gemstone Bangle.