Love Story: Finalists

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story! We loved reading them all. We’re sorry we took longer than expected to share the finalists with you, but it was so hard choosing our favorites.

Now, it’s time for you to tell us which story is your favorite, and thus deserving of our prize. Read the love stories and then vote for your favorite!

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Story 1 – Lucy

I met my husband on a blind date on April Fool’s Day, almost 27 years ago. His best friend’s then-girlfriend (now wife) introduced us. He was living in Mountain View and I was in San Francisco.

We discovered that we were both native San Franciscans and had attended the same high school! Our pizza dinner date was quickly extended into drinks at a local fern bar. We spent every weekend together after that. We both love long walks, parks, beaches, art and food.

What is interesting is that he appreciates beautiful jewelry as much as I do, and looks at it as wearable art. In fact, he designed our wedding rings. He proposed to me in one of SF’s hidden neighborhood parks two years later. We have been married for over 23 years and have 3 beautiful, kind, and intelligent children. Who would have ever known that a blind date would lead to the wonderful marriage and family we have today.

Story 2 – Amanda

When Thaddeus and I met in 2011 we had both recently come through some rough personal times. We were both looking for a partner in crime that had more to offer than casual conversation.

For our first date; he asked me to come to his company holiday party and I reluctantly agreed. We had a great time and so I agreed to go on another date with him but with one catch; that I would get to pick the date.

Little did poor Thaddeus know at the time, but this date was going to require a great deal from him because it was going to be an activity; an obstacle race to be specific! For me this race was more than a date- it was a way to test what this man was made of, see how he problem solved, and determine if we could go any further.

Much to my surprise he took the challenged on and was really enthusiastic about the endeavor! Little did I know he was testing me the same way that I was testing him and trying to find out what I was made of; was I dedicated, relentless, motivated? This race could have broken many other couples but over the course of 12 miles through the Texas coastal marshes we drug our filthy muddy bodies to the end all for the reward of bragging rights and a silly orange head band that forged our relationship.

Here we are 4 years later, partners in racing and love.

Love Story 3 – Lindcy

As a managing consultant, I did a lot of traveling for work. Being on the road so often, it was difficult to meet potential matches. So I enlisted a matchmaker. She set me up on a date with a tall pilot who took me on a sunset flight over Catalina Island for our first date. Impressive! In the meantime, Spencer contacted me through OK Cupid. I thought he was cute, so I decided to meet him for a first date. He was the opposite of the criteria I had given my matchmaker – he wasn’t tall, he wasn’t much of a traveler… And yet we hit it off.

It goes to show that you never know how love will find you. I had a matchmaker and ended up meeting the love of my life on an on-line dating site (like Mousumi did!) I moved from New York to California to be with Spencer and two years after our first date, we’re living together and expecting our first baby – Brianna Hailey, due in just a few weeks.

Spencer and I have been on several adventures since we met (including skydiving and zip-lining) but none of those will compare to the one we’re about to embark on when our daughter arrives.

Love Story 4 – Sasha

I met Yas while I was living in Spain. I was living in Madrid at the time, but I decided to travel to Málaga for a 3 day weekend. I arrived at the hostel in Málaga and Yas was the receptionist who checked me in.

For me it was love at first sight! I remember they were sold out and she told me I was going to have to switch the room I slept in every night because of it. I really enjoyed packing my bag and giving it to Yas every morning while I toured Málaga and then finding her again at night to ask her which room I was going to sleep in that night. Eventually I had to check out, but I made sure to give Yas my phone number before I returned to Madrid.

Thankfully, she called me and 3 weeks later she was in Madrid visiting me. After 6 months of dating long distance, she moved to Madrid to be with me and a year later when I decided to return to my home state of Texas, she moved there with me too. After living in Texas for 2 years together we got married in Málaga, Spain where we first met and we’ve been happily married for 1 year now. I’m so happy to spend the rest of our lives together!