Let the Games Begin: SXSW Interactive, Film & Music

The South By Southwest festival here in Austin is in full swing as of today! Sikara will keep you updated daily on what’s going on and some of the events, music and films that we think are worth checking out. Today we will highlight two events for your consideration and even if you can’t make it to Austin, you can enjoy the magic, fun and creativity of SXSW through the eyes of Sikara.


The first event is a presentation by Christopher Janney entitled Architecture of the Air. Christopher Janney is a trained architect and jazz musician. He has combined his two disciplines in hopes of making architecture more like music. His vision is to create architecture that is more spontaneous, and more “alive.” In order to do this, he has created a series of permanent interactive light/sound installations in both the US and Europe which have been called “Urban Musical Instruments.” He believes that art should be an integral part of one’s everyday life.  Below we have compiled some of his artistic/musical architecture projects and included some Sikara pieces that we think complement his works.

Pic Monkey Collage

The next event is a film by Otilia Portilla Paudra, a filmmaker from Mexico City, entitled Diario a Tres Voces (Three Voices). This film is Otilia’s second feature documentary. The film weaves the stories of three women from different generations: a teenager, a middle-aged divorcee, and a ninety-year-old great grandmother. The film focuses on these women’s lives and explores their experiences in love and life. The women describe how they fell in love, how they became disillusioned, and how they kept on going with their lives. The film contrasts the notion of never-ending and idealized romantic love with the reality of their relationships, both past and present. We love the whimsical poster for this film and have included some complimentary Mexican-inspired Sikara pieces.

Mexico SXSW Film