Kundun Medallion Manicure


Meet the Jaipuri Kundun Medallion.

PINJDW-224-OX-AC Medium Jaipuri Kundun Medallion - Oxidized (AC) LG

This pendant is inspired by Mousumi’s time in Southern India. During her travels, Mousumi took this photograph of a woman drawing an alpana design. Alpanas are traditional in Mousumi’s heritage state of Bengal. These colorful motif drawings are used as decorations for important occasions like weddings or the Hindu celebrations. The Kundun Pendant is an homage to this traditional form of drawing in its intricately delicate design.

Top TamilNadu women painting

Then this pendant inspired the Kundun Medallion Manicure.

photo 1

photo 3

You can get the look too! All you need is a solid black nail polish like Jet by Julep and a hexagonal glitter like Max by Julep.

photo 4

Images: Jet by Julep, Max by Julep, Jaipuri Kundun Medallion in Aqua Chalcedony