It’s World Elephant Day!

Elephants are, quite simply, amazing, and today is all about them. That’s because it’s World Elephant Day.

One of our Boston clients, Donna Gadomski inspired Mousumi with her efforts at the International Fund for Animal Welfare in helping to prevent the killing of elephants. It’s a lofty goal, elephants are being killed at an alarming rate, threatening the very existence of the species, and on average an elephant is poached every 15 minutes to meet the surging demand for ivory. (Follow @action4IFAW to get a true understanding of how that feels.)

Sikara would like to point out – we’re ivory free!

IFAW is doing what it can to stop the hunting and trafficking of elephants, for which we’re glad because a world without the kind and majestic elephant seems faded. Not complete. Intelligent and with social structures similar to humans, it’s hard not to love elephants.

Donna’s passion reeled us in.

Donna and an orphaned elephant at Tsavo National Park, Kenya. Credit IFAW/D Willets

Donna and an orphaned elephant at Tsavo National Park, Kenya. Credit IFAW/D Willets

She’s been a Sikara supporter for years and now we want to support her. Together we’re working on a necklace highlighting the qualities of an elephant and a percentage of the proceeds will help Donna’s mission at the IFAW. She’s great at bringing people together, no wonder she’s the Director of Celebrity Engagement!

We’re excited about this project and love working with Donna. She’s inspiring. A real woman with real style.

Email us at if you’re interested in being notified when the necklace is available for purchase, but if you want to help elephants today consider donating to IFAW or just spread the word. It’s World Elephant Day! Let’s celebrate these amazing creatures.

Donna (in black with Sikara jewels) with Matt Sorum, Joely Fisher, Daniel Leturesh, and Glenn Hughes attend IFAW Saving the Elephants of Amboseli at Hotel Palomar on February 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.