It’s Always Time for Travel: Maui

It was only a few weeks ago that Mousumi traveled to Maui to attend a beautiful island destination wedding. While she was there she experienced beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and of course a little bit of culture. Take a look below at Mousumi’s wonderful experience and beautiful photos!

One of the things I’m most grateful for in life is an amazing group of adventurous friends. So I was thrilled when my friends Shaheen and Rohit (also very loyal Sikara customers), decided to get married in Maui. There were elements of Persian and Indian cultures fused into a beautiful wedding and vacation in Hawaii. It was an active 5 days of hikes through Bamboo Forrests, paddle boarding in the ocean, walks on the boardwalk to watch the sunset, snorkeling and diving with the turtles combined with an amazing wedding with 4 days of festivities!  Here are a few photos to highlight my trip!

Shaheen, the bride, and myself the first night we arrived.  We met at the newly opened Hotel Andaz for the most amazing drinks and sunset.


Sunset at the Hotel Andaz.


Maui at sunset!IMG_3615

Early morning Snorkel and Dive Trip with the crew.  Photographed with my friend Chirag.  I hadn’t dove in 15 years so this was a bit of a refresher to get me comfortable again.  I had the chance to swim with these gigantic turtles!!!


Hike through the Bamboo forest! It was absolutely beautiful! Bamboo 3Bamboo Forrest

Welcome dinner and reception at Kono’s on the Green with my good friend Nicole!


The groom, Rohit, sporting his Sikara Turtle cufflinks made by Tateossian!

Maui teasers_404-M

The Mehndi is a get together of all the bride’s female friends to get their henna done and dance away in celebration. Satish who teaches Bollywood dance at the Bay Club in San Francisco led the ladies!


I had a fun hike with the guys on Sunday morning before the wedding!  They helped me create nature art!


My favorite drink of choice: fresh island coconuts.  A Sonia recommendation!


Bride’s family welcoming the groom, Rohit.


The brothers and cousins escort the bride to meet the groom under the Mandap.


Exchange of the garlands!


The beautiful Outrigger pad where we stayed!IMG_4002

Images:  Sikara Turtle Cufflinks