Let’s Celebrate International Woman’s Day!

headercToday, March 8th, is International Woman’s Day which is a time to celebrate the achievement of women around the world and to inspire others to achieve their goals.  In tribute to International Woman’s Day, Sikara is excited to highlight Sikara customer and film director, Seema Mathur.  She’s an avid Sikara fan and a woman who is making a difference on the international front, helping women to be heard and to empowering them through giving back.  Here at Sikara, where we are woman owned with a team spanning many nationalities, we love the idea. Every woman has achieved something and has a story that can help others.

In accordance with this year’s theme of ‘Make It Happen’, Sikara has partnered with Mathur, to help empower women in Liberia.

Seema Mathur on set of Camp 72, a documentary about the survivors of the Liberian Civil War

Mathur recently premiered her documentary Camp 72 at the San Diego Black Film Festival, where it won Best Foreign Film.  The film follows the story of Gladys, who during Liberia’s civil war was forced to watch her mother’s murder and then kept as a sex slave for years.  Camp 72 shows the quest for justice and healing for all the survivors of the war.  You can watch the trailer here: http://camp72.com/

We’ve collaborated and created a pendant based on Gladys’ experiences, engraved with her words “Peace is Love”.  $100 of every pendant sale goes to support the Camp72 project, which then supports Gladys’ desire of getting an education to become a humanitarian lawyer.

Peace is Love charity pendant partnership between Camp 72 and Sikara for Gladys

At Sikara, we believe in giving back to the community and spreading kindness.  This International Woman’s Day, join us in doing the same.

If you are involved with an organization seeking to empower women, please share your story by emailing info@sikarajewelry.com.