Halloween Office Jewelry

One of the best parts of Halloween is the costumes. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to dress up? However, it’s highly unlikely your boss will allow you to show up on Friday in your Wonder Woman skirt and knee highs.

Instead, show your passion for the holiday with something tamer – jewelry that speaks to the soul of Halloween. Here are our top picks.

Jaipuri traditional pearl filigree ring by Sikara & Co


With it’s shine and delicate setting, this  Jaipuri traditional pearl ring already stands out. Pair it with a set of witchy black nails however and you have a fortune telling orb in easy reach. Great for peering into the mists of the future while your coworker and you refill your mugs.


Sikara & Co Black Onyx pendant

There are dark places in the world – the void between stars, a forest during a new moon, and the pitch black heart of a demon. Our black onyx pendant represents them all, but it’s also proof that the powers of darkness are yours to command. With this around your neck, no one will doubt your ability to use the Dark Arts on All Hallows Eve.


Sikara & Co Halloween Cuff Links


Few things can hold a stare like the empty eye sockets of a human skull. Gentlemen, show off your Halloween spirit with these skull cuff links. Their cold zirconia and silver stare will affirm your necromancy talents.


Halloween rings, featuring carnelian and black onyx, in front of spiders.


The simplest way to be Halloween-y is to wear orange and black. Our Capri Collection is full of options, from simple necklaces to dangling earrings featuring black onyx and carnelian, but the variety of stackable rings is the best because you can wear both colors at once in multiple combinations!