Get ready, set, go! Mousumi’s Travel Tips for Packing!

As an avid traveler (for both business and pleasure), I have gotten packing down to a science..or at least I’d like to think so.  I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to over 40 countries and have picked up a few tips and packing supplies along to way that I’d love to share!


Travel Tip #1:  Toiletries – A dear friend gave me this Sephora fold up toiletry bag for a birthday gift a few years back.  I never leave home without it.  It’s great as it can hang on a bathroom hotel door, it has a mirror in case you’re roughing it in Vietnam, and you can clearly see if you’ve left something important behind.  It folds up and has it’s own waterproof travel slip.
Travel Tip #2:  The Little Black Dress – A key ingredient in any travel wardrobe is the favorite “little black dress”.  I picked this one up in a shop in Tiburon a few years back.  The best part about it is the fact that it is low maintenance – can be washed in a machine and it never needs to be ironed.  Since I’m in the jewelry industry, usually my bling makes the statement so I can keep the dress simple.  This dress can go from casual during the day with flats to dressy at night with more bling, a shawl, and heels.
Travel Tip #3:  Don’t Forget the Interchangeable Bling – I love to pack jewels that can be worn with a few different outfits.  Luckily I have about 600 designs to choose from, but these are a few of my favorite travel pieces:
1) A Long Necklace – This Italian inspired linked circle necklace can be doubled and worn later with a collared shirt, or used as a belt with a different outfit or worn long with this black dress or turtleneck.
2) Swirly earrings – These are a Sikara signature piece and can be worn day or night.  I’ve actually had these sell right off my ears while traveling through an airport lounge.
3) Statement Cuff – I love my Brazilian inspired Copacabana Cuff…aka Wonder Woman Cuff.  It’s easy to meet new friends while traveling as it’s a statement / conversation piece.
4) Cocktail Ring – This Mexican inspired brushed swirl ring adds a classy but powerful punch to any outfit.
Little Black Dress
Travel Tip #4: Packing Cubes –  My sister-in-law introduced me to these packing cubes recently and I’m now addicted.  You can pick them up at the Container Store or find them online.  I like these Eagle Creek packing cubes as they have a breathable and see-through top so you can easily identify what’s in it.  I use about 6 of these when packing (separate cubes for: under-garments, pants / skirts,  sleepwear, dresses,  work out wear & socks).  These make packing and finding your clothes so easy.  Plus if you’re overweight with your luggage you can just grab one out to make it lighter!
Travel Tip #5:  Gadget Girl – I’m a total gadget girl and always would forget some cord or charger.  So my one of my best friends recently introduced me to the SKOOBA while traveling in Iceland.  It has a place for your keys, iphone, camera, chargers, etc.  It’s great as you can’t forget anything!
Before I got the SKOOBA, I used to use this Built one that I also love!
Travel Tip #6: Travel Cases – I’m really excited to announce that Sikara is now testing new travel cases such as passport covers, wallets and jewelry packing systems! This is one of my new favorites to keep my credit cards and ID’s in one place and easily accessible in my travel bag.  The other jewelry case is designed by a Scottish company we’re working with.  It has individual areas for rings, bracelets, studs, etc.
Travel Tip #7:  Recharge Station – You can never be charged up too much. Rechargeable Toothbrushes and battery chargers are a must!  My two best friends are both dentists so I try to brush after most meals.  I love this Philips rechargeable toothbrush.  You stick it in the hard case and connect to your computer!  Also I recently bought a MOTA iphone case to act as a second charger when my phone dies.  No more fighting for those infrequent plug stations at the airport!
Travel Tip #8:  Shoe Bags – I like to keep my shoes separate from the rest of my clothes so I love these shoe bags (sometimes the shoe companies provide them when you buy your shoes).  I love Cole Haan shoes too because they look stylish but have the Nike Air technology to keep you going.  Finally I love my sketchers too…again stylish but practical!
Would love to hear your own travel tips. Learning from others is one of the best parts of the journey!  Bon Voyage!