EVENT ALERT: Bring Home The Baubles!

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Hey guys, we’ve got a secret for ya: no woman really wants you to bring home bacon. The baubles however… she’s probably down.  Bring Home The Baubles from Sikara & Co.this February! Valentine’s Day is about way more that just love. It’s about loving what you wear, what you do and who you do it with. In that spirit, Sikara is partnering up with the men’s fashion pros from Bonobos and Jegman to create the easiest and most fun Valentine’s Day shopping experience possible (we’ve got your checklist and event details above)!



Bonobos comes to you with a challenge- how well do your clothes fit? They have come up with a great solution to get the best fitting men’s pants. They also bring you the best product by curating leading lines such as Coal Wool, Earnest Alexander, and Timberland to get everything you need all in one place. Sound’s kind of like our event, huh?



Jegman Founder, Jason

Up next is Jegman, offering you ties for the uncommon man. Jegman founder, Jason, will be joining us at Bring Home The Baubles and can help you stand out this Valentine’s Day. Pick the perfect tie for your personality with an added designer touch. You won’t want to miss this guys styling tips!



We can show you some of greatest Sikara & Co. cufflinks as well! Snag a extra something something for your Valentine too! See you at Bring Home The Baubles on Thursday February 7th from 6-8 pm at 250 Newbury Street. RSVP to Boston@sikara.com.