EVENT ALERT! Brilliant & Bright featuring Bureh

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Bureh is a socially responsible fashion company. They make beautiful belts, each one handmade in Sierra Leone. They are about sharing Sierra Leonean fashion: its bright colors, fun patterns and eccentric style. They are also about re-investing HALF of profits back into Sierra Leone’s enterprises and vocational schools. Their mission is to strengthen Sierra Leone’s manufacturing sector hands-on, and to spread Sierra Leone’s fashion and beauty through Bureh belts.


Bureh trains and employs Sierra Leonean craftsmen, skilled tailors and blacksmiths, to make Bureh belts using designs handpicked by them. Our cloth comes from the vibrant and living streets of Freetown, and our buckles are custom made for us using recycled metals.​ See the full story here.

Bai Bureh is a Sierra Leone chief of legend, having led a 19th century revolt against the British colonial regime. His legacy is not simple, but he is revered like few others in Sierra Leone. Bureh Beach is named after him. For the company, Bai Bureh represents a positive pride and national identity in Sierra Leone and the beach captures Sierra Leone’s beauty.



Daniel Heyman co-founded Bureh in 2011 with Grant Bridgman and Fatoma Momoh. Bureh handcrafts belts in Sierra Leone using traditional materials, recycled metals and skilled craftsmen. Prior to Bureh, Daniel worked for MITs Jameel Poverty Action Lab in Sierra Leone, implementing research projects on agriculture, micro-credit and technology adoption. Daniel is currently a MasterCard Foundation Fellow at MITs Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship and Development and an MBA student at MITs Sloan School of Management.
Sikara is excited to have Daniel and Bureh Belts at Brilliant & Bright on Thursday, February 21st from 6-8pm. Sikara will also be featuring other global entrepreneurs such as lallitara, Ajiri Tea, and Sikara’s founder Mousumi Shaw! They’ll let you know what’s happening in their industry and how they’re shaking things up. Join us at 250 Newbury Street for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and great conversation. Infuse your life with style. Space is very limited RSVP to boston@sikara.com.