Egyptian Flower Mani

Meet the Arabesque Flower Cut Out ring from the Egyptian Collection.

REGADW-978-V-CAR Arabesque Flower Cut Out Ring LGThis ring is inspired by the Arabesque patterns that Mousumi saw in Egypt. Arabesque decoration was first seen in 8th century mosaics in Damascus. The design is based on the natural swirling forms found in climbing vines and plant tendrils. While the Arabesque motif is very linear and formulaic, it is also organic and nature-inspired, just like the Arabesque Flower ring.

Tendril-1Then this ring inspired the Egyptian Flower Mani.

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Travel to Egypt for the day with the Arabesque Flower ring.

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Images: Arabesque Flower Cut Out ring, Photograph of Tendril by Hamed Saber from Tehran, Iran