Destination: Santiago, Chile

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Santiago has given us a very warm welcome!  It’s a safe, beautiful city and I’m learning my Spanish again.  I downloaded a great Spanish dictionary app on my iPhone that has proven to be very helpful as we only came across three English speakers today.  Here are some of our adventures from Day 1…






Stop 1: We started off the day with the best flaky cheese empanadas I’ve ever had!  We ate at Zunino, a little hole in the wall that has been around since the 1930’s.  We just happened to stumble upon it, but it was all locals inside so we figured it must be yummy!

Then we were off to the famous fish market!  My mom would love seeing all these fish, since Bengali’s love their fish.  They have some of the best seafood, caught fresh off of Chile’s long coastline!




Stop 2: Chile has some very talented graffiti artists.  As I was taking photos, I came across a team of street clowns or rather cool cats!






Stop 3: We stopped by the Bella Artes Museum.  They only had one exhibition open and were working on creating some others.  It was a beautiful building and we were able to watch them set up future installations.  I guess in the US they do this at night, so it was fun to see the action!




Stop 4: Santiago is truly a modern fusion city.  It has an eclectic mix of historical landmarks and sleek, modern architecture. This is a famous church reflected in a skyscraper.




Stop 5: We headed to Bellavista for dinner and found lots of cool restaurants and bars.  We had a nice Italian dinner at Dolores with amazing fresh pizza and salad, followed by lemonade and a strawberry, banana, and Nutella crepe!


Adios ’til next time!