Camp 72

When Sikara & Co. was founded, it was done so with the goal of not only sharing the beauty of the world around us, but also to share the beauty and strength of the people around us. This holiday season we are giving back the best way we know how, by partnering with Seema Mathur’s Camp 72 documentary, which supports the education of Liberian Civil War survivors. Camp 72 depicts a world during Liberia’s Civil War where women were exposed to all forms of violence and oppression. The documentary focuses on the story of one strong woman, Gladys, who was forced to watch her mother murdered by a NPFL Rebel and was then held as a sex slave for many years after. Now, Gladys is working to rebuild her life like many women in Liberia who have endured the same pain and suffering. Camp 72 gives insight into hope and healing through the eyes of survivors, warlords, and activists who hope to end the 14 years of violence. To get more info, check out the trailer here.

Sikara & Co. is taking part in raising funds to support their education by designing the pendant made exclusively for Camp 72, with the help of both Seema and Gladys, featured below. During the month of December, Sikara & Co. will donate a percentage of profits received from sales of selected products to fund the education of Liberian survivors.  camp72

Retail Price: $172 [$100 of every sale will go to Camp 72]

Other items that will be a part of the Camp 72 cause (Enter promo code “Camp72”):

Images: Gladys & Seema“Peace Is Love” Camp 72 Pendant & Chain