Camp 72 Pendant

Sikara’s mission is not only to celebrate the beauty of the world, but also to build awareness, empower and give back. In December 2013, Sikara partnered with Camp 72, an organization that supports the education of Liberian Civil War survivors. During Liberia’s Civil War, women were exposed to all forms of violence and oppression. Camp 72 focuses on the story of one strong woman, Gladys, who was kidnapped and tortured by the NPFL Rebels. Now, Gladys is working to rebuild her life and help others who have endured crimes against humanity. Gladys’ dream is to become a Humanitarian Lawyer. Sikara was so moved by Gladys story of strength and survival, and wanted to support her cause by designing the Camp 72 Pendant. Through the sale of each pendant (retail price: $172), $100 is donated to Camp 72 and funding Gladys’ education. We are happy to announce, that due to our sales, Gladys is in school to become a Humanitarian Lawyer!

Here’s a picture of Gladys wearing the Camp 72 Pendant