Black Rutile Quartz Mani

Meet the Black Rutile Quartz, a natural stone embedded with needlelike inclusions of rutile.

PITCDW-1575- BRQ Faceted Trapezoidal Capri Pendant 2

At Sikara & Co., our jewelry is made with natural, semi-precious stones like this one. Since Black Rutile Quartz is natural; no two stones are the same.

Some are translucent with thousands of skinny black lines.

EINJGA-251-V-BRQ Small Quartz with Brushed Top Earrings (V-BRQ) LG

While others contain a few, bold black dashes suspended in a cloudy white atmosphere.

EITCDW-1574-BRQ Faceted Rounded Square Earring (BRQ) TIFEITCDW-1574-BRQ Faceted Rounded Square Earring (BRQ) LG

EITCDW-1574-BRQ Faceted Rounded Square Earring (BRQ) TIFSome believe that Black Rutile Quartz has special healing powers. It is considered an energizing stone that supports everything from decision-making and mental focus to attracting romantic relationships. So whether you need to stabilize your chakra or accessorize a little black dress, choose Black Rutile Quartz.

eitcdw-4102-brq_lg This natural stone inspired the Black Rutile Quartz manicure.

photo 4photo 4

Just like the Black Rutile Quartz, no two nails are alike.

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