Celebrating Success with Harvard Business School



The women’s student association at Harvard University is hosting it’s 22nd Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference this Saturday, February 23! The theme of this year’s conference is, “How do you define success?” and Sikara’s very own Mousumi Shaw is going to be hosting a lunch round table at the conference with the topic, “From Business Plan to Operation.” Mousumi entered the business plan competition while doing her MBA at Harvard Business School, and upon becoming one of the finalists for the competition, the idea of Sikara was born.


“The competition gave me the added confidence to go out and make it happen!” says Mousumi. She started doing trunk shows in her apartment, and our jewels were modeled in the European Fashion show and during the Indian Diwali festival.

This year’s conference is especially big because Harvard Business School is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary of women being admitted to the full time MBA program. We are so excited that Mousumi is participating in this year’s conference, and Sikara will be distributing gift cards in all of the goodie bags!