10 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings for Every Bride

Not all women want the same thing. Whether you are looking for a pop of color or a unique design; Sikara has a design that is sure to please every kind of Bride. See our favorites below. You can also visit www.sikara.com or one of our stores for more designs!


1. Jaipuri Circle Ring
2. Two Stone Stacked Jaipuri Ring
3. Three Cluster Cocktail Ring
4. Italian Step Ladder with Stone Ring
5. Jaipuri Traditional Pearl Filigree Band
6. Amalfi Open Sided Square Cocktail Ring
7. Italian Flower Stem Cocktail Ring 
8. Bombay Eight Stone Bubble Ring
9. Da Vinci Four Prong Cocktail Ring
10. Da Vinci Four Prong Cocktail Ring